Happy Sunday!

Hope you all had the best Thanksgiving!

I was so wonderfully overwhelmed with how many of you made my recipes for your family Thanksgiving this year! More than any year in the past! I loved seeing you all share them on Instagram and leave reviews on the recipe post. I’m honored to have been a part of your celebration!

We had a very low key Thanksgiving Day and had dinner at Shawn’s mom house with his mom, brother and sister. I was able to wear stretchy pants and slippers to Thanksgiving, which made this 8 month pregnant gal VERY happy! Haha!

What’s Been Cooking?

On Monday, I shared my recipe for Keto Pomegranate + Blueberry Winter Kale Salad! It’s seriously the best salad, because it does not get soggy! You can make a big batch, then enjoy for lunch for the week. Great way to have a light and healthy lunch after all the Thanksgiving indulgences.

On Wednesday, I shared my new recipe for Keto Chicken Pot Pie Crumble. SO MANY OF YOU HAVE ALREADY MADE THIS AND ARE LOVING IT! The perfect use for leftover Thanksgiving Turkey.

Weekly Menu

On Saturday, I shared my keto weekly meal plan. Includes recipe links, a printable menu + grocery list template.

Black Friday Favorites

On Friday, I shared my round-up post of all my Black Friday Favorites. So many amazing deals, especially with some of my most loved brands that gave me exclusive discount codes that will save you tons! Many of these sales are still going until end of day on Monday (tomorrow!), so be sure to check them out and stock up on your favorites!

I also included a roundup of some of the best charities to donate to during the holidays. Giving back this year feels more important than ever.

Car Seat Mission :: Complete!

With baby boy #3 arriving in less than 2 months, I crossed a major to-do off my list. Finally got all 3 car seats installed in our 4Runner! Finding 3 car seats for all different boys to fit side-by-side in the same row was much trickier than I thought, haha!

Here are the car seats we went with, and the amazing local shop that helped guide me and professionally install them (in case you live in the Bay Area, California!).

Question of the Week

Q. Can you share your cleaned up medicine cabinet? Would love to know what vitamins and supplements you use for you and the kids!

After sharing a bit about the vitamins and supplements I take every week, tons of you wanted to know more about my medicine cabinet. I made a whole post on it so all the products are saved in one spot!

Includes vitamins and supplements I take every day, the vitamins and supplements my kids take every day, the cleaner medicines I always have on hand for my kids, and the amazing thermometer I’m obsessed with!

I’ll be talking about them a bit on my Instagram Stories today if you want to see and learn more!

Little Luxury

Little luxury tip for the week: Gals, clean your ring! It will get all sparkly and feel brand new. You’ll feel so fancy and pretty!

Here is how I do it:

  1. Fill a small bowl with about 1 cup of water and 1/4 teaspoon Branch Basics Concentrate.
  2. Dip your ring in the bowl. Give it a good scrub with an old toothbrush. Focus on the prong area!
  3. Leave it to soak overnight in the water and Branch Basics solution.
  4. In the morning, give it one last scrub with the old toothbrush, rinse, and be amazed at how sparkly your ring is!

Branch Basics is my FAVORITE toxic free cleaner that I use to clean every single thing in my house! From surfaces, floors, laundry, my handsoap, toilets, stains, our shower, windows, seriously everything! They’re having a 20% off Black Friday sale, code TASTESLOVELY gets you 20% off all starter kits, ends Monday!

I share more about Branch Basics here. I can’t shout loudly enough how much I love Branch Basics! Treat yourself to it, and have a toxic free and chemical free home!

Funny Story Of The Week

On Wednesday we had the most wonderfully chaotic day with the kids. It was day 1 of our Thanksgiving break (Shawn is off for the rest of the week, the best!)

By 9:20am they had already broken the pole that hangs all my shirts in our closet so every single shirt fell to the floor, were running around playing with a sled in the house (we live 3 hours from the snow, so a sled is a very hilarious toy choice), and our entire living room was overtaken by toys. We were cracking up at our wonderful chaos.

During naptime, while I was working on my Black Friday post, I asked Shawn to make the pumpkin cheesecakes for his moms house the next day. He is a hero, and said yes.

He went rogue and didn’t fully read the directions. He put ALL the filling ingredients in the bowl at once, rather than whipping the whipped cream separately from the pumpkin cream cheese mixture. It turned out SO LUMPY and weird! And it was my only can of pumpkin puree! We were laughing SO HARD!

So poor Shawn had to go to the store the day before Thanksgiving to get just 1 can of pumpkin puree. Then came home and started over, this time reading the directions. They turned out PERFECT! Finally a win for the day!

Moral of the story: Things are never going to go according to plan. But you can always choose to laugh and make the best of it! Makes for a much happier life.

Have A Great Week!

Wishing you a great upcoming week, that is full of love and holiday cheer! My personal goal for the week is to really slowwwww down and enjoy this special time of year.

And have many more snuggles like this with my little Ryan, who gives the absolute best hugs all day long.