Five Things for Friday

Wine Tasting

1. Now that wedding seasoned has come to a lull, we had a free weekend! I took full advantage of it. On Saturday, we went wine tasting in Livermore with my sister and her husband and had the best time! Even though it was over 90 degrees in October, say what? Luckily the tasting rooms had AC. On Sunday the 4 of us went out to lunch then saw Gone Girl. So good! They did a great job turning the book into a movie.

Wine Friends

2. Speaking of wine tasting, my girlfriends and I group text each other quite often. Fun way to stay in touch since we’re all spread out over the Bay Area. My friend Courtney is in Hawaii, and sent us a picture of her “cheersing” us. Within 1 minute, me and my friend Logan replied with a picture of us enjoying our glass of wine. Ha! I guess us gals like our glass of wine (or two?) at night around the same time.

Lake Chalet Date

3. A few days after our last wedding, the bride said said she had something for us. I picked it up this week, and it was a case (yes, 12 bottles!) of wine, a very nice hand written thank you card, and a generous cash tip. Isn’t that the sweetest?! I just love the brides I work with. Shawn and I used the tip to treat ourselves to a fun weeknight date at Lake Chalet, this great restaurant in Oakland that’s right on the lake that has some amazing seafood. Of course we got oysters.

Max Chewed Thru Leash

4. In case you haven’t noticed, our dog Max is always finding ways to get in trouble. This week, we were sitting on our chairs outside, and had to keep Max on a leash at all times or else he’ll just dart away. The turkeys were out, and he so badly wanted to go chase them. He kept chewing on his leash, and Shawn joked, “I bet he’s trying to chew his way out.” A few minutes later he starts casually walking away…with no leash! He had chewed right threw it! Don’t worry, we grabbed him in time.

Max Watching Turkeys

I had to run inside to get him a thicker leash that I was confident he couldn’t chew thru. It was a little longer too, so it gave him a good view of the turkeys.

Callie + Eric Delta Diamond Farms Wedding-45

5. I finished editing the photos from my first wedding I photographed! I am so happy with how they turned out. Since it was my first wedding, I was a tad bit nervous. But with a couple so beautiful and happy, it was a real breeze. You can see all my favorites from the day that I posted to our Facebook page.

So far, everything we have posted for Acorn Films has been a short film Shawn has edited, or an engagement session Shawn and I both did together. This is the first photography session I have taken on completely solo for our little business. I showed Shawn the “top” pictures I posted on Facebook yesterday, and the proud look on his face made me so happy it made me teary eyed. And it has already gotten lots of likes and compliments on Facebook. It is probably the best feeling in the whole wide world, to feel that people think you did a good job. Like after posting my first recipe here, but somehow bigger because this is someones wedding day, rather than some salsa. I’m so happy I could burst!

One of my very favorite pictures from the day is this candid shot of Callie I was lucky enough to capture right after she put on her dress. Every bride should feel like this on her wedding day!

Callie + Eric Delta Diamond Farms Wedding-10

Roasted Spicy Seasoned Pumpkin Seeds

Roasted Spicy Seasoned Pumpkin Seeds-1-2

TweetLast night I had a dream that was SO boring, I was actually mad at my imagination. I won’t bore you with all the details, but a majority of the dream was me on the phone with an airlines customer service rep trying to change a flight. I’m not kidding. Just me, sitting on my couch, trying to change a […]

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Five Things for Friday


Tweet 1. We filmed our last wedding of the summer over the weekend! The morning of, I was so excited about filming our last one, and everything we’ve accomplished in the past few months, I made us some pumpkin muffins for breakfast to celebrate. The Trader Joe’s box mix is very good if you’re looking for a quick muffin mix. […]

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Homemade Kettle Corn

Homemade Kettle Corn |

Tweet When I was in college, I worked nights at a restaurant as a server and bartender. I was lucky to have almost all weekends off. But a few times a year, an art festival would be in town for the weekend and bring crowds of people. I would volunteer to work lunch shifts during the art festivals because I […]

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Five Things for Friday

Acorn Films

Tweet 1. Here’s what Shawn and I look like working weddings! I can tell this is right before the kiss, Shawn and I are both at the center of the aisle, ready to capture it. We filmed and photographed a wedding this weekend for one of our friends, which is always much funner. Shawn (and several cameras set up on […]

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15 Minute Creamy Pesto Pasta

15 Minute Creamy Pesto Pasta-02-2

Tweet Working customer service for an online company can lead to some very interesting conversations from people calling from all over the country. I talked to quite a doozy earlier this week. Here is how our conversation went: Me: For shipping, you can ship it via US mail for $6.95, that’s 1-2 weeks in the US. Or UPS ground for […]

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Five Things for Friday

Rainy Sunrise

Tweet 1. It rained yesterday morning! I woke up, and could smell that delicious “fresh rain” smell outside the window. After all this heat here in California, I couldn’t have been more excited. I celebrated by getting myself a pumpkin spice latte. Hello fall! 2. Everyday about 50 wild turkeys walk by our house, and hang out in our front […]

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Grilled Lemon and Rosemary Flattened Chicken

Grilled lemon and rosemary flattened chicken-01-2

Tweet Someone needs to tell California that fall is just around the corner because it is HOT. All caps HOT. Over 100 degrees HOT. On these hottest of September weekends, we filmed a wedding in Sacramento on Saturday. You guys, it was 101 degrees. All outdoors. I easily drank 1 gallon of water, and sweat about that same amount. We […]

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Five Things for Friday

Wine Tasting on Treasure Island

Tweet 1. We had a rare wedding free weekend! On Saturday, we went to Treasure Island outside San Francisco with Shawn’s brothers and their gals. It was so fun! Afterwards, everyone came over to our house for cornhole and BBQ burgers. Great way to end the summer. 2. We shared our newest wedding video this week! Shawn does such a […]

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Buttermilk Strawberry Shortcake Biscuits

Buttermilk Strawberry Shortcake Biscuits |

TweetButtermilk strawberry shortcake biscuits are slightly sweet and slightly savory, with fresh strawberries baked right into the biscuit. Topped with freshly made whip cream. Well, I successfully survived the scariest, most dangerous thing you have to do in the kitchen. I reached my hand in the garbage disposal…and…I didn’t lose any fingers! I was cutting up the strawberries for these […]

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