Five Things for Friday

Wine Tasting on Treasure Island

1. We had a rare wedding free weekend! On Saturday, we went to Treasure Island outside San Francisco with Shawn’s brothers and their gals. It was so fun! Afterwards, everyone came over to our house for cornhole and BBQ burgers. Great way to end the summer.

2. We shared our newest wedding video this week! Shawn does such a great job editing them. If you watch carefully, you might catch glimpses of me filming in the background of a few of the shots, *wink*.

Portable AC unit

3. Someone needs to tell California that it is almost Fall! It has been in the high 90’s all week. I’m ready for cold weather! Our little house has no AC, so inside it feels like a sauna. Thank goodness Shawn’s brother and sister-in-law gave us their old portable AC unit, otherwise we may have gotten heat stroke. Thanks to this little baby, we were able to cool off our living room. It may be a bit big, but Shawn’s brother mentioned it looked like Eva from Wall-E, and now I love it even more. We’re filming a wedding in Sacramento tomorrow, and it’s supposed to be 101! Gah!

Toothpaste Fail

4. When it comes to toothpaste, Shawn and I are a Tom’s of Maine household. At the store this week I picked up a new tube. When I went to brush my teeth the next morning, I thought it smelled different as I was squeezing it out of the tube. After tasting it, I realized I accidentally bought fennel flavored toothpaste. Fennel! Who wants to brush their teeth with black licorice flavored toothpaste?! Ick! As you can see from the text, Shawn wasn’t too pleased either. That promptly went in the garbage. I’ll be reading the labels more closely next time.

5. My friend (and cousin!) Ashley has started the funnest YouTube beauty channel! She posts new videos every week where she reviews favorite makeup, beauty products, hair tutorials, everything. She is just so darn cute, and I’ve already found my new favorite mascara thanks to this mascara review video. You should definitely check her out!

Buttermilk Strawberry Shortcake Biscuits

Buttermilk Strawberry Shortcake Biscuits |

TweetButtermilk strawberry shortcake biscuits are slightly sweet and slightly savory, with fresh strawberries baked right into the biscuit. Topped with freshly made whip cream. Well, I successfully survived the scariest, most dangerous thing you have to do in the kitchen. I reached my hand in the garbage disposal…and…I didn’t lose any fingers! I was cutting up the strawberries for these […]

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Five Things for Friday

Brick Patio

Tweet 1. We finished our brick patio! Isn’t it so pretty?! I love looking out our window and seeing all that pretty red brick instead of a dirt lot. I love it so much, I can barely remember how much I hated digging up the backyard in 102 degree heat that one weekend so there would be room for the […]

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Turkey & Arugula Stuffed Bell Peppers

Turkey & Arugula Stuffed Bell Peppers |

TweetGround turkey & arugula stuffed bell peppers topped with melted mozzarella cheese. Perfect back to school dinner that kids love, and you can have on the table in less than 30 minutes. Plus, the secrets to the perfect stuffed bell pepper! It’s back to school time here in California. I know this, because the grocery store was about 90 times […]

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Five Things for Friday


Tweet Welcome to a special Hawaiian vacation picture round up Five Things for Friday! We had the best time. We went up with my sister and her husband Ken. I love the 4 of us. We are so close, truly best friends. Perfect people to enjoy Hawaii with! Friends, treat yourself to a nice vacation every once in a while. […]

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Pan Seared Mahi Mahi with Mango Papaya Salsa

Pan Seared Mahi Mahi with Mango Papaya Salsa |

TweetPan seared Mahi Mahi topped with a tropical mango papaya salsa. The Mahi Mahi is cooked in coconut oil and a little butter to give it a crispy, brown exterior that pairs perfectly with the mildly spicy fruit salsa. Coming home and unpacking from a vacation warrants a whole new vacation. Amiright? We got home from Hawaii tanned, rested and […]

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Tropical Mango Papaya Fruit Salsa

Tropical Mango Papaya Fruit Salsa |

Tweet We’re back from Hawaii! You guys, we had the best time! Which I’m very happy to report, because the day before we left the news was going crazy over the fact that there were not only one, but two hurricane’s were “barreling” towards Hawaii. And that they would be “producing life threatening conditions”. Huh?! But what about my relaxing […]

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Beer Margaritas with Bud Light Lime

Beer Margaritas made with Bud Light Lime, one of the easiest and tastiest margaritas I've ever had!-4

Tweet Well friends, today is a very exciting day! This morning Shawn and I boarded a plane and are headed to Maui for 1 whole week! I’m so excited, it almost doesn’t feel real! It’s even more exciting, because we’re going up with my sister, her husband, and our great friends Kelly and Kyle. Best friends and an island adventure? […]

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Five Things for Friday

Digging the Patio

Tweet 1. We had our first free weekend this summer! No weddings. No nothing. What did we do? We decide to dig up our backyard so we can start laying a brick patio. Did I mention it was over 100 degrees over the weekend? Because it was. And did you know that if you want to lay a brick patio, […]

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Thai Coconut Lime Chicken

Thai coconut lime chicken |

TweetThai Coconut Lime Chicken brings new life to plain chicken breasts. Full of coconut and lime flavor! Friends. I’m sweating. Non stop. We don’t have any AC, and it has been almost 100 degrees for the past week. So for the past 7 days I have been sporting a very shiny face. I’m hoping I’m coming off as looking “dewy”, […]

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