Five Things for Friday

Brick Patio

1. We finished our brick patio! Isn’t it so pretty?! I love looking out our window and seeing all that pretty red brick instead of a dirt lot. I love it so much, I can barely remember how much I hated digging up the backyard in 102 degree heat that one weekend so there would be room for the bricks. We had a rare free weekend with no wedding, so it was the perfect time to lay the brick. My family came over to help, and we had a big assembly line going passing bricks from the truck to the dirt where my sister and Shawn laid them in place. It was actually really fun! So listen to this steal of a deal. My dad’s friend has a demolition company, and had a ton of used brick we could have…for free! If we were to buy the bricks from Home Depot, they would have been $0.50 each. I did the math, and the bricks alone should have cost us over $1500! Instead, this whole project cost us a measly $40 to buy the sand to pour over the top and sweep in between the cracks to fill it up and make them tight. Now that’s a bargain!


2. Last night, we got together with my Aunt Susan and Nana and had a progressive dinner party. So fun! We got to go to everyone’s house, and each of us were in charge of a different part of the menu. We started out at my sisters for wine and appetizers, then we headed to my house for moscow mules and dinner of peach & burrata arugula salad with grilled bread (outside on our new brick patio!), and then headed to my mom’s house for dessert and coffee. We had the best time!

HomeGoods loot

3. There’s nothing like hosting a dinner party to really motivate you to get some decorations for your house! Ever since we moved in, our house has been very…bare. As in, not 1 thing hanging on the walls. We didn’t have any art that would work in our little rustic house on the ranch, and wasn’t too masculine or too feminine. I have been keeping my eye out for stuff, but never really saw anything I thought would work. But this week I headed to HomeGoods, and found 2 amazing canvas paintings, and some decorative throw pillows to go with them. I texted this picture to Shawn, and he said he liked them too. Win! I later found 2 plain light blue throw pillows to pair with the decorative pillows. It really ties everything together. Our living room is looking mighty cute! Feels much more like a home.

Broken hammer

4. After getting all this new decorative stuff, I had Shawn hang everything up on the walls for me. Apparently Shawn is the hulk, and breaks hammers when hanging cute things I find at antique stores. I heard some banging in the kitchen, then Shawn say, “Dammit! (pause) Nat…come here.” I walk in and see him holding the hammer in 2 pieces, and just staring at the nail he had been hammering in. How does that even happen?! I haven’t laughed that hard in a while!

In ear walkie talkies

5. We’re filming AND photographing a wedding this Saturday, and it is my first wedding where I am the sole photographer. I have been mighty nervous, but I think I am very prepared. I have been practicing, researching and preparing like a pro. (Sorry to all my blogging friends, I’m quite behind on commenting on blogs since all my free time has gone to preparing for this wedding! But I’ll be back soon!) I am very excited that I will be in constant contact with Shawn now that we got these life changing in-ear walkie talkies! There’s a little button I press, and I’m talking right in to Shawn’s ear. This is a much better method than me trying to mouth things to him from across the venue. The fact that we look like Secret Service agents is just a nice bonus, *wink*.

Have a great 3 day weekend friends!

Turkey & Arugula Stuffed Bell Peppers

Turkey & Arugula Stuffed Bell Peppers |

TweetGround turkey & arugula stuffed bell peppers topped with melted mozzarella cheese. Perfect back to school dinner that kids love, and you can have on the table in less than 30 minutes. Plus, the secrets to the perfect stuffed bell pepper! It’s back to school time here in California. I know this, because the grocery store was about 90 times […]

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Five Things for Friday


Tweet Welcome to a special Hawaiian vacation picture round up Five Things for Friday! We had the best time. We went up with my sister and her husband Ken. I love the 4 of us. We are so close, truly best friends. Perfect people to enjoy Hawaii with! Friends, treat yourself to a nice vacation every once in a while. […]

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Pan Seared Mahi Mahi with Mango Papaya Salsa

Pan Seared Mahi Mahi with Mango Papaya Salsa |

TweetPan seared Mahi Mahi topped with a tropical mango papaya salsa. The Mahi Mahi is cooked in coconut oil and a little butter to give it a crispy, brown exterior that pairs perfectly with the mildly spicy fruit salsa. Coming home and unpacking from a vacation warrants a whole new vacation. Amiright? We got home from Hawaii tanned, rested and […]

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Tropical Mango Papaya Fruit Salsa

Tropical Mango Papaya Fruit Salsa |

Tweet We’re back from Hawaii! You guys, we had the best time! Which I’m very happy to report, because the day before we left the news was going crazy over the fact that there were not only one, but two hurricane’s were “barreling” towards Hawaii. And that they would be “producing life threatening conditions”. Huh?! But what about my relaxing […]

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Beer Margaritas with Bud Light Lime

Beer Margaritas made with Bud Light Lime, one of the easiest and tastiest margaritas I've ever had!-4

Tweet Well friends, today is a very exciting day! This morning Shawn and I boarded a plane and are headed to Maui for 1 whole week! I’m so excited, it almost doesn’t feel real! It’s even more exciting, because we’re going up with my sister, her husband, and our great friends Kelly and Kyle. Best friends and an island adventure? […]

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Five Things for Friday

Digging the Patio

Tweet 1. We had our first free weekend this summer! No weddings. No nothing. What did we do? We decide to dig up our backyard so we can start laying a brick patio. Did I mention it was over 100 degrees over the weekend? Because it was. And did you know that if you want to lay a brick patio, […]

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Thai Coconut Lime Chicken

Thai coconut lime chicken |

TweetThai Coconut Lime Chicken brings new life to plain chicken breasts. Full of coconut and lime flavor! Friends. I’m sweating. Non stop. We don’t have any AC, and it has been almost 100 degrees for the past week. So for the past 7 days I have been sporting a very shiny face. I’m hoping I’m coming off as looking “dewy”, […]

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Coconut Lime Rice

Coconut lime rice |

Tweet Want to hear about the most ridiculous problem Shawn and I have? Our new house is on an old ranch, and it isn’t wired with an internet line. So we have to use satellite internet. Satellite internet is a little…interesting. It functions like a cell phone plan: we get unlimited web browsing and email internet use, but for streaming […]

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Five Things for Friday

Us at the wedding

Tweet 1. Shawn and I have a new sister-in-law! Shawn’s brother Sheldon got married to his new wife Berleen on Saturday in wine country here in California. {Photo courtesy of Jennifer Bagwell Photography} I was a bridesmaid (I’m on the far left, Shawn’s sister Jacquie was a bridesmaid too, she’s on the far right) and Shawn was a best man. […]

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